Showline Announces “The Air Boss Experience”

11986424_879535982094943_8900997857095446858_nFor the 2016 season, Showline would really like to focus on letting young people know that they can be who they want to be. Last year we had a number of young fans of the TV series Airshow recognize us at different shows but we had little opportunity to meet and talk with them. Thus, Showline would like to step up, inspire the public, and inspire our youth to join the aviation industry, and here’s how we’re going to do it:

For each of our show sites (variables permitting) we are going to give young individuals an opportunity to come on site and sit down with Donna. We want to give youth the opportunity to ask questions about air bossing, airshows, and the aviation industry as a whole, all while inspiring them to follow their dreams and aspirations no matter what they are.

For each participating site we will announce a time and a place for these individuals to come to the show site and have this sit down with the air boss. From this group we will select up to two people (age 8-18) to come up to show control with Donna and be put on the headset! This individual will get to listen to the behind the scenes of an airshow including the chatter between pilots and the air boss, as well as get a front row seat to what happens around show centre!

Please check our Facebook page (Showline Airshows) for announcements from each participating sites and you could be the next person to be up on a headset with Donna!