Women of Airshows

Every year we at Showline Airshows try to bring something new to our company as a way to contribute to our industry and avid airshow followers. In the past this has included Showline Emergency Advisors as a way to bridge the gap between first responders and the airshow community, the Air Boss Experience to get kids excited about air bossing and aviation, improving our social media presence by joining instagram and many others. We are very excited to announce our concept for the 2018 show season!

While the airshow industry is a male dominated industry, there are many influential women in varying degrees of roles that contribute to an airshow or the industry as a whole. For 2018 we are going to seek out as many of these influential women as we can at our different sites, not only to highlight the many amazing women in the industry, but to also show you all that this industry has many different facets to keep it running!

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram to meet some awesome women who keep our industry as one of the best out there!

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This fantastic photo was by waiorg.meĀ